Monday, June 12, 2017

Mets 2017 Draft Results

Players have until Friday, July 7th to sign. Picks in the first 10 rounds in the draft are assigned pool values. The total pool value of the Mets' 10 picks from the 2017 Draft's first 10 rounds is $6,212,500. If the Mets sign all of these first 10 picks, that total represents the penalty-free money they would be able to spend. Any amount over that total would be taxed at a 75% rate. Any amount more than 5% over that total would result in the loss of future draft picks (this is a threshold that has not yet been breached by any club). Additionally, for all signings outside the first 10 rounds for more than $125,000, the overage counts against the pool total. Any unsigned picks from the first 10 rounds do not contribute their pick value to the Mets 2017 pool. For any unsigned picks from the first 3 rounds, the Mets will receive a compensatory pick in the 2018 draft.

RndPlayerSigning BonusPool AllotmentDifferenceOfficial?
1David Peterson$2,994,500$2,994,500$0 - Pool ValueYes
2Mark Vientos$1,500,000$1,094,700$405,300 - OverYes
3Quinn Brodey$500,000$553,200$53,200 - UnderYes
4Tony Dibrell$380,000$413,100$33,100 - UnderYes
5Matt Winaker$280,000$307,800$27,800 - UnderYes
6Marcel Renteria$125,000$237,600$112,600 - UnderYes
7Conner O'Neil$10,000$186,200$176,200 - UnderYes
8Trey Cobb$20,000$153,400$133,400 - UnderYes
9Cannon Chadwick$10,000$139,700$129,700 - UnderYes
10Stephen Villines$10,000$132,300$122,300 - UnderYes
11Jack Schneider$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
12Bryce Hutchinson$360,000$125,000$235,000 - OverYes
13Nate Peden$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
15Dylan Snypes$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
16Raphael Gladu$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
18Carl Stajduhar$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
20Yadiel Flores$65,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
21Aaron Ford$20,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
22Joshua Payne$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
23Jose Sierra$50,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
24Joe Cavallaro$100,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
26Gavin Garay$75,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
27Billy Oxford$50,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
28Jeremy Vasquez$75,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
29Liam McCall$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
31Ryan Selmer$50,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
33Joe Cavallaro$100,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
35Kyle Wilson$270,000$125,000$145,000 - OverYes
36Robby Kidwell$20,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
37Joshua Walker$50,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
39Noah Nunez$100,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
40Ronnie Taylor, Jr.$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
Pool Total $6,209,500$6,212,500$3,000 - Under

* Pool totals only include full bonus and allotment amount for the first 10 rounds. Bonuses after the first 10 rounds are included in the bonus total net of their individual $125,000 allotments.

* Players shown in gray have known bonuses outside of the top 10 rounds that by virtue of being at or below the $125,000 threshold do not impact the overall bonus pool.

Thanks to everyone who tweets, e-mails, etc to help me put this list together & keep it updated. Hat tips, especially, to @WexlerRules, who is an absolute must-follow this time of year, as he is routinely the first person in my twitter timeline to sniff out signings before they have been reported. Also thanks to @PSLToFlushing, @nymets945, @tobyhyde, @MitchNYM, @DanDotLewis, @RealKenDick, @JohnMackinAde, @Astromets31, and obviously @jimcallisMLB, @JonathanMayo, and all the folks at @BaseballAmerica.

RndPickPlayerPosSchool (Class, if college)BA Top 500
120David PetersonLHPOregon (Jr.)
259Mark Vientos3BAmerican Heritage School, FL
397Quinn BrodeyRFStanford (Jr.)
4127Tony DibrellRHPKennesaw State (Jr.)
5157Matt WinakerOFStanford (Jr.)
6187Marcel RenteriaRHPNew Mexico State (Sr.)
7217Conner O'NeilRHPCal State Northridge (Sr.)
8247Trey CobbRHPOklahoma State (Sr.)
9277Cannon ChadwickRHPArkansas-Fayetteville (Sr.)
10307Stephen VillinesRHPKansas (Sr.)
11337Jack SchneiderCFDaviess County HS, KY
12367Bryce HutchinsonRHPDeland HS, FL
13397Nate PedenRHPUniversity HS, FL
14427Matthew DuceCDallas Baptist (Jr.)
15457Dylan SnypesSSOral Roberts (Jr.)
16487Raphael GladuLFLouisiana Tech (Sr.)
17517A.J. LabasRHPTrinity Christian Academy, FL
18547Carl Stajduhar3BNew Mexico (Jr.)
19577C.J. Van EykRHPSteinbrenner HS, FL
20607Yadiel FloresRHPPuerto Rico BB Academy, PR
21637Aaron FordLHPTennessee Wesleyan (Jr.)
22667Joshua PayneRHPWest Texas A&M (Sr.)
23697Jose SierraLHPMonroe JC, NY
24727Joe CavallaroRHPSouth Florida (Jr.)
25757Laine HuffmanSSCal State Long Beach (Jr.)
26787Gavin GaraySSSt. Petersburg JC, FL
27817Billy OxfordRHPAzusa Pacific (Jr.)
28847Jeremy Vasquez1BNova Southeastern (Jr.)
29877Liam McCallRHPFirst Coast HS, FL
30907Ian McWilliamsRHPBeech HS, TN
31937Ryan SelmerRHPMaryland (Jr.)
32967Kaylor ChafinLHPTexas A&M (Sr.)
33997MacLeod LozerRHPMichigan (Sr.)
341027Jake EderLHPCalvary Christian Academy, FL
351057Kyle WilsonRHPCrowder JC, MO
361087Robby KidwellCBrunswick CC, NC
371117Joshua WalkerLHPNew Haven (Sr.)
381147Daniel Alfonzo3BBayside HS, NY
391177Noah NunezRHPSantana HS, CA
401207Ronnie Taylor, Jr.RHPAllen HS, TX

Players in bold have reportedly signed or will sign.

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