Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Mets Draftee Assignments

Last updated on 9/2/2011

This post aims to keep track of where all of the Mets' 2011 draftees (and undraftees) are playing this season. I will re-post it whenever it gets updated. All players are initially assumed to be bench or relief, but positions will be modified as players' roles become clearer. Age refers to age when signed.

St. Lucie (Advanced A-ball):

Cory Mazzoni2ndCollege (Jr)21RRRelief RHP

Savannah (A-ball):

Dustin Lawley19thCollege (Sr)22RRStarting 3B

Brooklyn (Short season A-ball):

Tyler Pill4thCollege (Jr)21LRRelief RHP
Jack Leathersich5thCollege (Jr)20RLRelief LHP
Cole Frenzel7thCollege (So)21LRStarting 1B
Danny Muno8thCollege (Sr)22SRStarting SS
Xorge Carrillo14thCollege (Sr)22RRStarting C
Phillip Evans15thHigh School18RRBench SS
Travis Taijeron18thCollege (Sr)22RRStarting CF
Casey Hauptman26thCollege (Sr)22RRRelief RHP
Randy Fontanez27thCollege (Sr)22RRStarting RHP
Tyson Seng33rdCollege (5-Sr)23LRRelief RHP
Charley Thurber39thCollege (Sr)21LLStarting RF
Tyler CarpenterUndraftedCollege (Sr)22RRBench C
T.J. RiveraUndraftedCollege (Sr)22RRBench IF
Jared WestUndraftedCollege (Sr)22RRRelief RHP

Kingsport (Rookie ball):

Brandon Nimmo1stHigh School18LRStarting CF
Jonathan Clark17thCollege (Jr)20LRBench OF
Tant Shepherd24thCollege (Sr)21RRStarting 3B
Chad Zurcher31stCollege (Sr)22RRBench IF
Carlos Leyva32ndCollege (Sr)22LRBench IF
Seth Lugo34thCollege (Jr)21RRStarting RHP
Chase Bradford35thCollege (Sr)21RRRelief RHP
Dustin Emmons38thCollege (Sr)21RRRelief RHP
Mark Picca41stCollege (Sr)22LLRelief LHP
Gregory Pron42ndCollege (Sr)22RRStarting RF
Robert LakeUndraftedCollege (Sr)22RRRelief RHP

GCL (Rookie ball):

Michael Fulmer1st (supp)High School18RRStarting RHP
Joe Tuschak6thHigh School18LRStarting LF
Alex Panteliodis9thCollege (Jr)21LLRelief LHP
Matt Budgell10thHigh School18RRStarting RHP
Robert Gsellman13thHigh School17RRStarting RHP
John Gant21stHigh School18RRRelief RHP
Jeff Diehl23rdHigh School17RRBench C
Ryan Hutson36thCollege (Sr)22RRStarting 1B
Craig Missigman37thHigh School17RRStarting RHP
Richard Ruff46thCollege (Sr)22RRRelief RHP
Eddie Rohan50thCollege (Sr)22RRBench C
Beck WheelerUndraftedCollege (Sr)22RRRelief RHP
Shane BayUndraftedHigh School19LLRelief LHP

Signed, but not yet assigned:

Logan Verrett3rdCollege (Jr)21RRRHP
Christian Montgomery11thHigh School18RRRHP
Brad Marquez16thHigh School18RRCF

Did not sign:

Kenny Matthews12thHigh School17LLLHP
Mason Robbins20thHigh School18LLCF
Casey Turgeon22ndHigh School18LRSS
A.J. Reed25thHigh School18LLLHP
Jharel Cotton28thJunior College19RRRHP
Josh Ake29thHigh School18RRSS
Jake Hansen30thHigh School17RLLHP
Alexis Mercado40thHigh School18RRC
Jacob Decker43rdHigh School19SRSS
Clint Sharp44thJunior College20RRRHP
Andrew Marra45thHigh School17RRRHP
Cole Limbaugh47thHigh School18RRRHP
Malcolm Clapsaddle48thJunior College20RRRHP
Sean Buckle49thHigh School18LLLHP

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Basics: What is a DFA?

DFA is a bit of a tricky concept, since it's often (mis)used by sports news outlets, broadcasters, and bloggers as a synonym for outrighted, released, or even optioned. However, when a player is DFA'd, or designated for assignment, all it means is that he has been removed from his team's 40-man roster and essentially placed in baseball limbo. His team has 10 days to trade him, release him, or send him outright to a minor league affiliate. When a team wishes instead to release a player, it's usually reported that way initially (e.g. "the Mets released Luis Castillo" as opposed to "the Mets designated Luis Castillo for assignment with the intention of releasing him"). Similarly, when a team comes to terms with another team on a trade, the DFA also typically goes unmentioned.

DFAs tend only to be announced when, either, 1) the team intends to pass the player through waivers and outright him to the minors, or 2) the team needed the roster spot and wants to try to trade the player before trying to pass him through waivers to outright him to the minors. If the team is unable or unwilling to trade the player who has been DFA'd, then the team must request outright waivers. Waivers take a minimum of 47 hours to obtain (e.g. if the player is placed on waivers by 2 pm on Monday, and no one makes a claim, waivers will be obtained at 1 pm on Wednesday). So in order to outright a player who has been DFA'd, waivers have to not only be requested, but obtained by the end of the 10-day window. In some cases, as the Mets did with Chin-lung Hu, the team will pass the player through waivers before he is even DFA'd. The risk here is that he will be claimed and the team will lose a player before his roster spot was even needed. The benefit is that if he clears waivers, he can be outrighted immediately upon being DFA'd, without having to clear waivers at that time.

Ultimately, the DFA is just the way a team clears a spot on its 40-man roster.