Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mets 2018 Draft Results

Players (other than players who have exhausted their college eligibility) have until Friday, July 6th to sign. Picks in the first 10 rounds in the draft are assigned pool values. The total pool value of the Mets' 10 picks from the 2018 Draft's first 10 rounds is $9,580,900. If the Mets sign all of these first 10 picks, that total represents the penalty-free money they would be able to spend. Any amount over that total would be taxed at a 75% rate. Any amount more than 5% over that total would result in the loss of future draft picks (this is a threshold that has not yet been breached by any club). Additionally, for all signings outside the first 10 rounds for more than $125,000, the overage counts against the pool total. Any unsigned picks from the first 10 rounds do not contribute their pick value to the Mets 2018 pool. For any unsigned picks from the first 3 rounds, the Mets will receive a compensatory pick in the 2019 draft.

RndPlayerSigning BonusPool AllotmentDifferenceOfficial?
1Jarred Kelenic$4,500,000$5,525,200$1,025,200 - UnderYes
2Simeon Woods-Richardson$1,850,000$1,485,100$364,900 - OverYes
3Carlos Cortes$1,038,000$705,300$332,700 - OverYes
4Adam Hill$507,800$507,800$0 - Pool valueYes
5Ryley Gilliam$550,000$379,400$170,600 - OverYes
6Nick Meyer$350,000$285,200$64,800 - OverYes
7Kevin Smith$222,300$222,300$0 - Pool valueYes
8Tylor Megill$50,000$176,700$126,700 - UnderYes
9Bryce Montes de Oca$152,100$152,100$0 - Pool valueYes
10Manny Rodriguez$10,000$141,800$131,800 - UnderYes
11Franklin Parra$150,000$125,000$25,000 - OverYes
12Ross Adolph$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
13Christian Tripp$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
14Andrew Mitchell$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
15Phil Capra$75,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
16L.A. Woodward$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
17Allan Winans$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
18Chase Chambers$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
19Tommy Wilson$90,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
21Zachary Hammer$285,000$125,000$160,000 - OverYes
22Jaylen Palmer$200,000$125,000$75,000 - OverYes
23Saul Gonzalez$175,000$125,000$50,000 - OverYes
24Hayden Senger$125,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
25David Miranda$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
26Brian Sharp$100,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
27Zach Rheams$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
28Mitch Hickey$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
29Nelson Mompierre$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
30Chandler Avant$10,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
31Brendan Hardy$130,000$125,000$5,000 - OverYes
40Brian Metoyer$40,000$125,000$0 - No impactYes
Pool Total $9,545,200$9,580,900$35,700 - Under

* Pool totals only include full bonus and allotment amount for the first 10 rounds. Bonuses after the first 10 rounds are included in the bonus total net of their individual $125,000 allotments.

* Players shown in gray have known bonuses outside of the top 10 rounds that by virtue of being at or below the $125,000 threshold do not impact the overall bonus pool.

Thanks to everyone who tweets, e-mails, etc to help me put this list together & keep it updated. Hat tips, especially, to @WexlerRules, who is an absolute must-follow this time of year, as he is routinely the first person in my twitter timeline to sniff out signings before they have been reported. Also thanks to @PSLToFlushing, @nymets945, @tobyhyde, @MitchNYM, @DanDotLewis, @RealKenDick, @JohnMackinAde, @Astromets31, and obviously @jimcallisMLB, @JonathanMayo, and all the folks at @BaseballAmerica.

RndPickPlayerPosSchool (Class, if college)BA Top 500
16Jarred KelenicOFWaukesha West HS, WI
248Simeon Woods-RichardsonRHPKempner HS, TX
383Carlos Cortes2BSouth Carolina (So.)
4110Adam HillRHPSouth Carolina (Jr.)
5140Ryley GilliamRHPClemson (Jr.)
6170Nick MeyerCCal Poly - San Luis Obispo (Jr.)
7200Kevin SmithLHPGeorgia (Jr.)
8230Tylor MegillRHPArizona (Sr.)
9260Bryce Montes de OcaRHPMissouri (Sr.)
10290Manny RodriguezSSCincinnati (Sr.)
11320Franklin ParraLHPCopiague HS, NY
12350Ross AdolphOFToledo (Jr.)
13380Christian TrippRHPNew Mexico (Jr.)
14410Andrew MitchellLHPAuburn (5-Sr.)
15440Phil CapraCWagner (Jr.)
16470L.A. WoodwardSSMiddle Tennessee State (Jr.)
17500Allan WinansRHPCampbell (5-Sr.)
18530Chase Chambers1BTennessee Tech (Sr.)
19560Tommy WilsonRHPCal State Fullerton (Jr.)
20590Brooks WarrenLHPEast Central CC, MS
21620Zachary HammerRHPAlexander Central HS, NC
22650Jaylen PalmerSSHoly Cross HS, NY
23680Saul GonzalezRHPMontverde Academy, FL
24710Hayden SengerCMiami (Ohio) (Jr.)
25740David MirandaOFFlorida Atlantic (Sr.)
26770Brian Sharp3BMissouri (Jr.)
27800Zach RheamsSSTexas Tech (Sr.)
28830Mitch HickeyRHPUC San Diego (Sr.)
29860Nelson MompierreCSt. Thomas (Sr.)
30890Chandler Avant2BAlabama (Sr.)
31920Brendan HardyRHPHarrison Central HS, MS
32950Jake MangumLHPMississippi State (Jr.)
33980Mike PicolloRHPBlue Valley North HS, KS
341010Duke Kinamon2BStanford (Jr.)
351040Ian MejiaRHPSahuarita HS, AZ
361070Denzel ClarkeOFEverest Academy, ON
371100Zach FasciaCIndian Hills CC, IA
381130Nick ZonaSSHanover HS, VA
391160Kody DarcySSKentridge HS, WA
401190Brian MetoyerRHPLSU Alexandria (Jr.)

Players in bold have reportedly signed or will sign.

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