Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mets 2015 Draft Results

Players have until Friday, July 17th to sign. Picks in the first 10 rounds in the draft are assigned pool values. The total pool value of the Mets' 9 picks from the 2015 Draft's first 10 rounds is $3,587,800. If the Mets sign all of these first 9 picks, that total represents the penalty-free money they would be able to spend. Any amount over that total would be taxed at a 75% rate. Any amount more than 5% over that total would result in the loss of future draft picks (this is a threshold that has not yet been breached by any club). Additionally, for all signings outside the first 10 rounds for more than $100,000, the overage counts against the pool total. Any unsigned picks from the first 10 rounds do not contribute their pick value to the Mets 2015 pool.

RndPlayerSigning BonusPool AllotmentDifferenceOfficial?
2Desmond Lindsay$1,142,700$1,142,700$0 - Pool ValueYes
3Max Wotell$775,000$666,500$108,500 - OverYes
4David Thompson$425,000$474,800$49,800 - UnderYes
5Thomas Szapucki$375,500$355,500$20,000 - OverYes
6Chase Ingram$195,000$266,200$71,200 - UnderYes
7Corey Taylor$20,000$199,500$179,500 - UnderYes
8Patrick Mazeika$125,000$171,900$46,900 - UnderYes
9Kevin Kaczmarski$5,000$160,700$155,700 - UnderYes
10Witt Haggard$5,000$150,000$145,000 - UnderYes
11Jake Simon$400,000Up to $100,000$300,000 - OverYes
12Joe Shaw$100,000Up to $100,000 Yes
13PJ Conlon$110,000Up to $100,000$10,000 - OverYes
14Vinny Siena$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
16Dillon Becker$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
17Sixto Torres$100,000Up to $100,000 Yes
18Jordan Humphreys$150,000Up to $100,000$50,000 - OverYes
20Thomas McIlraith$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
21Taylor Henry$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
23Kenneth Bautista$80,000Up to $100,000 Yes
28Anthony Dimino$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
29Seth Davis$ TBDUp to $100,000 Yes
Pool Total $3,428,200$3,587,800$159,600 - Under

* For this chart, I am only counting official numbers in the bonus, pool, and difference totals.
* Pool allotment only counts pool amount for the first 10 rounds, so bonus contribution for overslot 11th+ rounders is just the overage.

Thanks to everyone who tweets, e-mails, etc to help me put this list together & keep it updated. Hat tips, especially, to @WexlerRules, who is an absolute must-follow this time of year, as he is routinely the first person in my twitter timeline to sniff out signings before they have been reported. Also thanks to @PSLToFlushing, @nymets945, @tobyhyde, @MitchNYM, @DanDotLewis, @RealKenDick, @JohnMackinAde, and obviously @jimcallisMLB, @JonathanMayo, and all the folks at @BaseballAmerica.

RndPickPlayerPosSchool (Class, if college)BA Top 500
253Desmond LindsayOFOut-Of-Door Academy, FL102
388Max WotellLHPMarvin Ridge HS, NC144
4119David Thompson3BMiami (Jr)103
5149Thomas SzapuckiLHPWilliam T Dwyer HS, FL92
6179Chase IngramRHPHillsborough CC, FL219
7209Corey TaylorRHPTexas Tech (Sr)Unranked
8239Patrick MazeikaCStetson (Jr)Unranked
9269Kevin KaczmarskiOFEvansville (Sr)371
10299Witt HaggardRHPDelta State (Sr)Unranked
11329Jake SimonLHPGalveston Ball HS, TXUnranked
12359Joe ShawRHPDallas Baptist (Jr)360
13389PJ ConlonLHPSan Diego (Jr)Unranked
14419Vinny Siena2BConnecticut (Jr)312
15449Thomas HackimerRHPSaint John's (Jr)346
16479Dillon BeckerRHPAngelo State (Jr)Unranked
17509Sixto TorresLHPFaith Baptist Christian HS, FL174
18539Jordan HumphreysRHPCrystal River HS, FLUnranked
19569Nic EnrightRHPThe Steward School, VA231
20599Thomas McIlraithRHPOklahoma (Jr)Unranked
21629Taylor HenryLHPCentenary (Sr)Unranked
22659Nick BlackburnRHPIllinois (Jr)Unranked
23689Kenneth BautistaRFPuerto Rico BB Academy, PRUnranked
24719Jordan Verdon3BGranite Hills HS, CAUnranked
25749Dylan KingRHPRiverdale HS, TNUnranked
26779Shane McClanahanLHPCape Coral HS, FL197
27809Jake HigginbothamLHPBuford HS, GA454
28839Anthony DiminoCBelmont Abbey (Sr)Unranked
29869Seth DavisLHPAugustana (Sr)Unranked
30899Jackson WarkRHPBellerose Composite HS, ABUnranked
31929Tanner DodsonRHPJesuit HS, CA209
32959Dustin BeggsRHPKentucky (Jr)Unranked
33989Brendan IlliesCPuyallup HS, WAUnranked
341019LT TolbertRHPIMG Academy, FL279
351049George ThanopoulosRHPColumbia (Jr)Unranked
361079Anthony GordonRFTerra Nova HS, CAUnranked
371109Geoff HartliebRHPLindenwood (Jr)Unranked
381139Jacob WyrickLHPCleveland State CC, TNUnranked
391169Chad LuensmannRHPBellwood Antis HS, PA427
401199Nick Conti2BDr. Phillips HS, FLUnranked

Players in bold have reportedly signed.

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