Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mets 2013 Draft Results

Players have until Friday, July 12th to sign. Picks in the first 10 rounds in the draft are assigned pool values. The total pool value of the Mets' 11 picks from the 2013 Draft's first 10 rounds is $6,990,000. If the Mets sign all of these first 11 picks, that total represents the penalty-free money they would be able to spend. Any amount over that total would be taxed at a 75% rate. Any amount more than 5% over that total would result in the loss of future draft picks (this is a threshold that has not yet been breached by any club). Additionally, for all signings outside the first 10 rounds for more than $100,000, the overage counts against the pool total. Any unsigned picks from the first 10 rounds do not contribute their pick value to the Mets 2013 pool.

RndPlayerSigning BonusPool AllotmentDifferenceOfficial?
1Dominic Smith$2,600,000$2,840,300$240,300 - UnderYes
2Andrew Church$850,000$1,138,800$288,800 - UnderYes
3Ivan Wilson$624,900$724,900$100,000 - UnderYes
3Casey Meisner$500,000$640,900$140,900 - UnderYes
4LJ Mazzilli$300,000$441,800$141,800 - UnderYes
5Jared King$450,000$330,800$119,200 - OverYes
6Champ Stuart$300,000$247,700$52,300 - OverYes
7Matt Oberste$325,000$185,700$139,300 - OverYes
8Ricky Knapp$130,000$156,500$26,500 - UnderYes
9Patrick Biondi$10,000$146,200$136,200 - UnderYes
10Luis Guillorme$200,000$136,400$63,600 - OverYes
11Ty Bashlor$550,000up to $100,000$450,000 - OverYes
12Jeff McNeilUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
13Kevin McGowanUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
15Colton PlaiaUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
16Zach MathieuUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
17John MagliozziUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
18Brent McMinnUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
20Dan Herrmann$200,000up to $100,000$100,000 - OverYes
23Gaither BumgardnerUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
25Ricky JacquezUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
28Robby ColesUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
33Ryan ChapmanUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
34Cameron GriffinUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
35Ty WilliamsUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
36Brandon Brosher$167,500up to $100,000$67,500 - OverYes
38Paul PaezUnknownup to $100,000UnknownYes
Pool Total $6,907,400$6,990,000$82,600 - Under

Thanks to everyone who tweets, e-mails, etc to help me put this list together & keep it updated. Hat tips, especially, to @PSLToFlushing, @nymets945, @tobyhyde, @MitchNYM, @WexlerRules, @DanDotLewis, @RealKenDick, and obviously @jimcallisBA and all the folks at @BaseballAmerica.

Players in bold have officially signed.

RndPickPlayerPosSchool (Class, if college)BA Top 500
111Dominic Smith1BJunipero Serra HS, CA14
248Andrew ChurchRHPBasic HS, NV89
376Ivan WilsonOFRuston HS, LA140
384Casey MeisnerRHPCypress Woods HS, TX246
4116LJ Mazzilli2BUConn (Sr) 250
5146Jared KingOFKansas State (Jr)68
6176Champ StuartOFBrevard College (Jr)199
7206Matt Oberste1BOklahoma (Jr)120
8236Ricky KnappRHPFlorida Gulf Coast (Jr)187
9266Patrick BiondiOFMichigan (Sr)247
10296Luis GuillormeSSCoral Springs Charter HS, FL222
11326Ty BashlorRHPSouth Georgia JC, GA323
12356Jeff McNeilSSCal State - Long Beach (Jr)396
13386Kevin McGowanRHPFranklin Pierce (Jr)Not Ranked
14416JD LeckenbyRHPWashington State (Jr)Not Ranked
15446Colton PlaiaCLoyola Marymount (Sr)334
16476Zach Mathieu1BFranklin Pierce (Jr)Not Ranked
17506John MagliozziRHPFlorida (So)439
18536Brent McMinnRHPNevada (Jr)443
19566Cody CrouseRHPBloomingdale Sr HS, FLNot Ranked
20596Dan HerrmannRHPChristian Brothers College HS, MONot Ranked
21626Morgan EarmanRHPDesert Christian Academy, CA420
22656Daniel ProcopioRHPCentral Technical School, CanadaNot Ranked
23686Gaither BumgardnerRHPSouth Carolina - Upstate (Sr)Not Ranked
24716Matt BrillRHPMoline HS, IN Not Ranked
25746Ricky JacquezRHPCentral Arizona JCNot Ranked
26776Owen SpiwakCCawthra Park SS, CanadaNot Ranked
27806Austin ColeyRHPBelmont (So)Not Ranked
28836Robby ColesRHPFlorida State (Jr)Not Ranked
29866Anthony KayLHPWard Melville HS, NYNot Ranked
30896David McKaySSViera HS, FLNot Ranked
31926Ben HechtRHPSt. Anthony School, ILNot Ranked
32956Juan EscaraCMater Academy Charter School, FLNot Ranked
33986Ryan ChapmanRHPSanta Ana JCNot Ranked
341016Cameron GriffinRHPColumbus State (Sr)Not Ranked
351046Ty WilliamsRHPSeminole State JCNot Ranked
361076Brandon Brosher1BSpringstead HS, FLNot Ranked
371106Juan Avena1BCompton JCNot Ranked
381136Paul PaezLHPRio Hondo JC391
391166Logan Quimuyog1BMosley HS, FLNot Ranked
401196JB WoodmanOFEdgewater HS, FL135

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